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  • Postpartum Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia are very common conditions
  • *Postpartum Depression*is a common issue effecting many women. There are natural remedies that can help
  • Using hormone testing to assess postpartum depression and anxiety
  • OCD and anxiety occur commonly after a baby is born
  • *Thyroid and adrenal issues*can cause postpartum issues
  • Infections can become reactivated after the baby is born, leading to postpartum fatigue, pain, depression
  • Assessment of vitamins such as vitamin D, iron, DHA/EPA
  • Digestive health is liking to these conditions
  • Inflammation
  • *Rebalancing your hormones *
  • *There are many natural therapies that can be used safely during the postpartum period *


POSTPARTUM Anxiety, depression, and insomnia